FAQ & Advice Centre.

Welcome to our FAQ’s Centre...

There are so many feelings and thoughts attached to making the decision of placing yourself or a relative into a Care Home and, it’s difficult to think about questions you should be asking.

Over the course of the year Clinton House will be creating an ‘Advice Centre’ of frequently asked questions, that have been asked in person or via telephone /email enquiries.

Advice Centre
1) What is the difference between respite and permanent care?
Respite care is the provision of short-term, temporary relief to those who are caring for family members and permanent care is the provision of long-term care provided by a facility outside the home.

2) What is the first step I take if I or my relative needs respite or permanent care?
If you or relatives still lives at home, you should contact your local social services department who will allocate a social worker to carry out an assessment. Alternatively, if you or your relative is a hospital inpatient you should ask to contact the hospital social work department who will arrange an assessment; as this will dictate the funding available to you or your relative.

A full assessment will be carried out and a care plan devised as to the level of care you or a relative needs. After the assessment the social worker will keep you informed of the progress until the funding has been approved, at which point you are free to choose the home right for you or your relative. Upon selection of a suitable home a further assessment is carried out by the home nursing staff to assess and ensure that the needs and requirements of you or your relative’s care can be met on permanent or respite placement.

However if the cost of the care is being paid privately, you contact the home of your choice directly